Saturday, October 22, 2011


Date: 10/08/2011
Day: Wednesday
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Area: Mumbai, borivali (east).

Two drunkards suddenly come from somewhere and start abusing 4 FRIENDS (1 girl and 3 boys sitting inside their stationed car playing uno) and ask them to leave that place as soon as possible. However, the moment they try to start their car these boys start hitting the windshield of their car with their helmet and break it and threaten them with the political connection that they have. They also warn them not to visit that place ever again.

How many of us are actually against moral policing & the abuse & exploitation done under the name of moral policing on our friends by a few goons having strong political connections and supported by people with rigid and same old traditional exploitative values and outdated social norms???

 Can anyone simply take the law into their hands under the easy disguise of  " Moral Policing"?????

Extremists/fundamentalists  do not understand the meaning of freedom and culture and liberty. They are trying to propagate orthodox culture. Culture is never static and changes with time. The culture we have today will not be there after 40 years and the culture that was there 60 years ago is not there today. According to me they seriously lack maturity to see things rationally.

 There is a law against exhibitionism and indecent exposure/behaviour – for both men and women. A person can’t violate this law claiming ‘fundamental freedom’. Freedom is not absolute. Anybody living in a civilized society is subject to norms of acceptable civilized behavior. However, according to me no one can be punished for just occupying a public place if they are doing so in a Decent manner, (plz correct me if i am wrong) just because a girl is sitting beside a boy.

  Are you really interested in doing something against such mistreatment handed over to innocent people?????? Think over it.......coz someday even you might be a victim of it!!!!